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“The term stands for street food or a type of room in which food and drink are consumed immediately, standing or sitting, or eat while you are walking. Within these local men and women armed with passion and love for food knead, they assemble, fry, boil or roast to offer every day various delicacies to every customer. Go to a street food is not only an opportunity to share a dining experience, but is also making a tribute to a popular culture made of simple and authentic flavors.

The desire to maintain strong relations with the region, along with the art of communication, is the street food today a social phenomenon. The “Spizzicheria” Calogero and Doriana Board is just that. ”
(Chef Giuseppe Manolo Bontempo)

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Located in Sicily, in the small town of Enna Barrafranca inland, this place for years bakes and prepares delicacies for all tastes and all palates. From simple sandwich with sausage to the plate up to the famous kebab that in this place is prepared with selected meat and stir with a mix of local spices.

The “Spizzicheria” are also arancini rice prepared in many different ways, the classic sandwich with fritters, pizzas, calzones, hot dogs and many other delicacies of all respect. This place is famous for being the first street food in Italy to prepare the kumquat rice with white truffle of Sicily that today is the calling card of this thriving established business.

Holders are people prepared and passionate about their work, capable, humble, curious and updated on new cooking systems with a technical and professional capacity like renowned chefs.


Calogero and Doriana told: “We have decided to prepare croquettes with white truffle a bit ‘out of curiosity and a bit’ for fun but we quickly realized that this product had the potential. We wanted that people could find us of niche products that are usually found only in large restaurants. So after some testing in the kitchen and some tastings, we decided to try them to friends and family who were immediately amazed. After a few days we decided to include the arancini with truffle in the paper of our proposals. The success was tremendous. ”

This type of kumquat after cooking does not have to be hot but warm with the heart, the only way you can preserve the aroma of the truffle. In addition to this, the Spizzicheria can find the famous truffle ravioli and buffalo ricotta Sicilian where the dough is prepared using a type of local wheat “flour tumminia (timmilia)”. This type of flour gives the products a rustic and light and is well suited for the preparation of bread and cakes of various kinds.